Our mission

Transatlantic Business Britain exists to provide clients, partners and stakeholders with actionable advice, compelling communications, and effective advocacy for all things related to the transatlantic economy and the businesses that make it happen.


What we do

We are active in delivering practical, business targeted advice to help with understanding and accessing North American markets and attracting North American investors. 

We specialise in local outreach on transatlantic business themes away from the large UK regional and national cities, supporting business grassroots efforts to increase exports to transatlantic markets.

Based on listening to local views – not just from businesses – we develop arguments and advocacy designed to influence policymakers on issues relevant to the transatlantic economy based on active local listening and the views of our subscribers and clients.


The transatlantic economic relationship binds our peoples and their cultures and their businesses and governments together in a common pursuit of shared prosperity.

Open enterprise across borders provides a positive platform for businesses and creative people to turn ideas into outcomes and ingenuity into wealth. 

Exporters become better enterprises by competing outside domestic markets, and better enterprises are more attractive to foreign investors. Markets and cross border trade and investment make this happen.

Making the most out of diversity in pragmatic ways is a source of creative energy and future global economic leadership because it broadens and deepens the pool of talent available to enterprise. This supports superior performance by encouraging a stronger base for innovation and productivity.

Effective, resourced, empowered and accountable local government agencies are necessary catalysts for grassroots businesses to step up and flourish