Enterprise across borders

Brexit or no Brexit the badge of a productive nation is the hunger of its export sector and the strength of inward investment. From a trade and investment perspective productivity is a free standing encouragement for more stuff to happen. We are working on two projects one called Trade Towns the other ‘Listening Post’ which both aim to support increased cross border enterprise focused on US and Canada markets.

Trade Towns

Listening Post

Our services

  • UK/US Market entry advice and support
  • US export strategies and preparation
  • Advocacy and representation
  • Report drafting, policy position drafting
  • Parliamentary Committee evidence submissions preparation, q and a preparation, dress rehearsals
  • Research, regulatory monitoring and reporting
  • Thought leadership campaign/event development and delivery, event moderation and management
  • Press release drafting and media management
  • Back office secretariat and admin back up
  • Strategy development, communication, and execution
  • Governance advice and services
  • Internal training workshops and communications
  • ‘Town Hall’ outreach and campaigns
  • CSR reputation audits – is what you are saying about yourself believable and credible against what you do
  • Ad hoc project work and short-term assignment.

If you’re interested in any of these services, or would like to discuss more about what Transatlantic Business Britain can do for you then please get in touch through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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