Gambling vs Investing

In 2020, two things have become fashionable – online bitcoin gambling and investments. In 2021, the trend remains popular, so now we will figure out which is the best and what should be paid attention to for beginners who work with cryptocurrency.

The process of investing in cryptocurrency

The investment process has never been easy. If it seems to you that dealing on the Wall Street Exchange is easy and simple, then you are deeply mistaken. Investing is a complex process, which will take not only a lot of time to achieve nailed, but also nerves. Also, do not forget that this is a sure way to simply lose your money, since the exchange is an unstable phenomenon that can collapse at any minute.

In order to be able to invest well, just learning on YouTube is not enough. Ideally, you need to practice on the demo version of the exchange, and learn from a real trader. Be prepared for the fact that you have to spend a lot of money and not make any profit at the same time. Perhaps when your experience and skills will help you get what you want, but everything is rather inaccurate and difficult to predict.

The modern state of gambling

Now let’s talk about another trend that has also gained popularity along with the rise of cryptocurrency. This is play casino with bitcoin. After the cryptocurrency became popular among investors and its rate increased significantly, online casinos did not waste time and introduced the ability to place bets in cryptocurrency. This immediately influenced the growth of such online portals, and increased jobs in the company. A good example of such casino is The cryptocurrency has significantly improved the online casino business and also increased the percentage of winnings from players around the world. Thanks to the cryptocurrency, even those players in whose countries gambling is banned were able to place bets in the casino.

Pros and Con of crypto gambling and investing

Now let’s decide what is more profitable – crypto gambling or all the same investments.


  • You can invest in several types of crypto currencies at once.
  • If you trade according to a special scheme, you will be able to count on possible profits.
  • You cannot be sure that you will not lose your money.
  • You can lose everything and spend a lot of nerves.
  • To really profit from the exchange, you need to have a lot of practice.


Crypto gambling:


  • You can hit a big jackpot
  • Easy to withdraw money from the server
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are much faster than any other currency.
  • You can get money just by having fun in the slot.
  • Working in the crypto gambling segment is very profitable.
  • Sometimes you can expect to lose



If you just want to try your hand at cryptocurrency, then crypto gambling has more advantages. The investment will take you too much time and effort, and the result may not be satisfactory. So take a look at Casino BTC and try your hand at this niche.

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